ICT Support Services

ICT support services for customised for PNG needs. 

Business consultancy services

General Business consultancy support services.

retail business

Providing daily retail goods & service to satisfy consumer needs

Transport services

Mechanical, Carwash and hire car business

About us

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The secret of success

At Bata Des Consultancy, we believe in:


Bata Des Consultancy thrives on collaboration, weaving diverse expertise for innovative solutions, fostering open communication, and maintaining a client-centric approach, all guided by a collaborative mindset for business excellence.


Teamwork is the backbone of our success, combining diverse skills for innovative solutions, promoting open communication, and prioritizing a client-centric approach, all driven by a team-oriented mindset for unparalleled business excellence.

knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is integral, promoting open collaboration, continuous learning, and a culture that values the exchange of insights, all aimed at fostering innovation and achieving business excellence.

shared vision

Bata Des Consultancy thrives on a shared vision, uniting diverse perspectives toward a common goal, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that every team member is aligned and motivated to achieve collective success.

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